Wet Basement. Home Waterproofing.

Leaking or/and wet basement is a common problem homeowners face. Wet basements create mildew, mold, and ruin walls and floors. Basement waterproofing is an easy and inexpensive process when the home is being built. On the other hand adding basement waterproofing for existing home is extremely expensive because it involves excavation and landscaping.

Not always leaky basement requires waterproofing. Very often the leaky basement problems lay above the ground and easily repaired. Waterproofing only reduces water penetration but does not address the root cause of the water problemTaking a few very simple precaution steps such as roper roof drainage, proper ground slope can avoid the problem and save great deal of money.

Make water damage problem your “year-round concern”.

Land around your house has to be graded properly. In that case water will flow away from exterior walls. Another reason may be that your driveway is improperly sloping into your house.

Inspect both the exterior and interior of your home. Make sure to keep everything watertight.

Roof downspouts can add a literal flood of water to areas prone to drainage problems. Keep eaves clean. You might find downspouts dumping water right near the foundations.

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