Basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside – which is better?  Toronto residents who are troubled by wet basements should give careful thought to the best method of solving the problem.  It is always tempting to take the lowest cost option, but never forget the old adage:  “You get what you pay for.” When choosing your form of basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside, you should choose the best!  Having stated this, sometimes your choices are limited by factors beyond your control.  Your choice may not be as simple as “basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside”!

Sometimes, either due to costs or obstacles outside the home, you may be limited to the choice:  Basement waterproofing – or not.

The two options of basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside are quite different both in cost, and in methods.  In choosing basement waterproofing inside vs. outside, you need to understand how each works.  Outside basement waterproofing entails excavating to expose any buried foundation walls, placing French drains or other exterior drainage structures (where needed), and applying a waterproof membrane to completely seal the outside surface.  Soil is then replaced to fill the excavated area.

In contrast, inside waterproofing requires repairing any cracks, then applying a waterproof membrane (usually a high grade of paint or waterproof plaster) to the inside of the basement walls.  To conceal cracks and irregularities, texture is often added.  The positive side of this approach is that it provides an immediate improvement in appearance – but inside basement waterproofing alone does not prevent water penetrating the concrete.  Inside basement waterproofing, properly done, will seal the inner surface of the wall, stop the leaks and improve the appearance, but beyond the film, the concrete may still be moist.

When making the decision of basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside, you need to understand that basement waterproofing outside stops the problem before water penetrates your home.  Inside basement waterproofing conceals the problem within the walls and floor coverings.  Inside basement waterproofing is the lower cost and less desirable option, but on some occasions (such as when moisture penetration is minimal), it may be a good solution.  In evaluating the question of basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside, you should consult an experienced basement waterproofing contractor.

In some cases, it may be necessary to construct hidden drainage passages beneath floor tiles and behind wall coverings.  These passages will convey the moisture to controlled drainage structures, routing it away from your living quarters.  The choice of basement waterproofing inside vs. outside should be guided by an experienced professional.  Poorly channeled moisture can still be a problem, so it is imperative that inside waterproofing be properly done.  This sort of work should definitely be entrusted only to a basement waterproofing contractor who is willing to provide a written warranty on his work.

If outside structures, such as concrete or asphalt driveways make outside waterproofing impossible, or if the cost of such work is beyond your budget, inside waterproofing may be your only option – in such a case, it is your best option.  Any form of waterproofing is better than none. 

Failure to deal with the problem may endanger the health of your family, or the structural integrity of your home.  Is your choice Basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside?  Or is the choice “waterproofing – or not”?  Choose waterproofing!  You’ll be glad you did.

If your options are basement waterproofing; inside vs. outside – when you have a choice, choose “outside”.  If circumstances or finances prohibit outside waterproofing, don’t let the situation stop you from solving the problem.  Select a contractor who provides a long term, written guarantee, and trust his recommendations for basement waterproofing – inside vs. outside.

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