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Drain clogs

Drain clogs are a pain, but sometimes unclogging them can be an even bigger pain. There are a number of

Top 7 Tips to Conserve Water!

Everywhere you turn, things are costing more! Here are the top 7 Tips Perfection Plumbing recommends so that you can conserve

Plumbing Directory Canada.

Why use Plumbing Directory to promote your website? Plumbing Directory Canada. Great, you have created a website for your plumbing

Emergency Plumbing Problems

Emergency plumbing problems could be leaking pipes, floods, or blocked drains. It is always a good idea trying to prevent

Master Bath Remodeling

Master bath is all about luxury, no material is too luxurious for your private gate away. So where to start

Basement waterproofing in Toronto

The basement is a perfect spot in your house for additional finished space, but only if the basement is dry.

Top Plumbing Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

12Sep15 • 0 comments
Burst pipes can be a disaster. And you won’t just need a plumber, either.  While the plumber will replace the

Plumbing in a digital world: How Tablets will Change the Industry

The landscape of the plumbing business has changed dramatically over the past five years. We have gone from phone books

Save Water

The average Canadian household is among the biggest consumers of water in the world. We use, on average, 333 litres

Winter Plumbing

Winter could be harsh on plumbing system and could cause extensive plumbing repairs. Preventive actions could protect your plumbing system