When planning to install a new faucet, we have lot of good brands to choose from. In our local stores we can find faucets from American Standard, Danze, Delta, Moen, Glacier Bay, Kohler, Peerless, Pegasus, Price Pfister, and many more. Faucet history dates thousands of years. On the island of Crete about 4 000 years ago, they used terra cotta piping system and faucets made of gold or silver.

Over the decades faucets have changed. For a long time faucets had two handles. One handle faucets were invented only in 1937 by a young college student Al Moen. He was worked many years to improving his new idea for a faucet and finally the one handle faucet was available for sale in 1947. Because this idea was so brilliant, in the next 10 years one handle faucets become very popular and were installed in millions of houses in more than 50 countries.

Al Moen was a great inventor and thanks to his ideas today we have the shower diverter, the replaceable cartridge, the swivel spout in our kitchen faucets, the pressure balance shower faucet and the aerator.

Another inventor who has written his name in faucet history is Landis Perry. At a similar time to Al Moen, he patented the faucet ball valve. The patent was bought by DELTA and was available on the market in 1954.

Faucets are continuously upgraded in the ways that save water and make them more convenient to use.

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