Plumber Canada

How to become a Plumber in Canada?

Plumbers perform repairs, installation, and maintenance of piping systems in residential and commercial buildings. A plumber in Canada usually works 40 hours a week. An average wage for a Canadian plumber ranges from $50,000 to $75,000. However, it could take many years of to reach that income levels. Plumber’s work is a physically labor and it typically involves indoor and outdoor work.

Plumber’s Path:

  1. Four years of secondary school
  2. Find a plumbing company that will train a new plumber
  3. Complete 9,000 hours of classroom education and on-site training through the apprenticeship program.
  4. Pass the Certification of Qualification trade certification examination.
  5. Take the Red Seal Plumbing Exam, administered by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA).