Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Luxury bathroom remodeling has become a growing in a trend, and it is getting stronger each day. These days an average priced home is getting the taste of luxury spa-like bathrooms projects. Bathroom remodeling along with kitchen remodeling gets the highest investment return at resale. In the hot housing markets kitchen remodel or bath remodel is a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost. In Toronto, for instance, a $8,400 bathroom remodel could recouped up to 150% of its cost at resale. The markets in Vancouver, Montreal, Alberta, GTA, and other major cities of Canada also can offer higher returns on a bathroom remodel and kitchen remodeling.

If you decided to remodel your bathroom, there are several tips that you might want to consider to help you achieve luxurious look in your high end bathroom.

Would you like to have five-star hotel-like spa in your home bathroom? It is possible! Now, you can choose to have rain jets, whirlpools, steam showers, home saunas, and even Jacuzzis into your bathroom. Manufacturers of bathroom spa products are continually revolutionizing them to make them ideal for home use with added functionalities like remote control, CD players and even plasma TVs.

Your flooring, lighting, and walls are the keys to achieve a soothing and relaxing ambiance. Natural stones like Onyx, Marble and Granite are great in achieving that high end look and luxurious warmth in your bathroom remodeling and can last the test of time. For your walls the texture and colors will be determined by what mood you want to set and your personal taste. Wallpapering, painting or a combination of both would work well. Lighting is another essential factor that adds up to the ambiance. Brilliance is important in areas where important tasks will be done. For optimal grooming, avoid unflattering shadows through proper fixture placement. Special effect lightings can also be availed of like chromatherapy.

Contemporary designs in additional fixtures like faucets and other surfaces such as countertops also play an important part in your high end bathroom remodeling project. Pressure-assisted toilets and green models of faucets not only can be availed in the most stylish designs but also help in minimizing costs and water wastage. Vanities are also taking center stage coming in varying designs and functionalities.

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