How to unclog your pipesUnclogging a pipe is often necessary when a mass of hair, hair and food debris agglomerated with often a little soap blocks the free passage of water. The evacuation of this one then becomes difficult or even impossible. Here are some tips and advice from our professional plumbers to unclog your pipes.

Your bathtub, shower, sink or washbasin may get blocked and therefore almost unusable.

Different techniques can be used to get rid of this annoying plug:

Remove the siphon

The first solution is to remove the siphon and clean it of impurities that have accumulated over time. Don’t forget to place a container, ideally a basin, underneath so that the waste doesn’t fall directly to the ground or into your furniture.

Use hot water

Another possibility is to use hot or even boiling water to unclog your pipes. It is a relatively simple method but not always effective. Very hot water will dilute the soap and grease and carry them away. Remember to evacuate as much stagnant water as possible so that the hot water is in direct contact with the cap, in order to guarantee better efficiency.

Use the suction cup

If there is really too much water stagnating and no way to get it out, the suction cup is your best ally. This tool allows the water to move back and forth and thus unblock what blocks the good circulation of water. Block alternative outlets beforehand (e. g. overflow outlets if any and unclog them.

Use the ferret

The next solution is more radical: it is the famous ferret. A flexible rod with tips for drilling plugs and equipped with a crank handle to allow you to pass through baffles and elbows. Note that the ferret can sometimes damage the enamel on your toilet.

High pressure cleaning

Finally, if none of these techniques worked, the big guns must be brought out: professional high-pressure cleaning. You will need to use a plumbing company that offers a cleaning service and in particular the adapted vehicle. With the right equipment, it is possible to clean long pipes and remove plugs made of scale or limestone, which are generally more resistant.

Chemical products

As a last resort, chemical uncorking is necessary even if it must be taken with caution. Protect yourself with gloves and glasses to avoid splashing. Chemical drain cleaners are very dangerous and composed of caustic soda or sulphuric acid, both very corrosive.

Other techniques

You can use soda or make a homemade mixture of soda, salt and vinegar that you will leave to work for about 30 minutes. You can also try mixing baking soda and vinegar and let it work before pouring a large dose of boiling water for good measure. This technique is effective in unclogging your pipes.

Be preventive

Also think about prevention, before you end up with a blocked pipe, placing a simple grid on the hole of the sink helps to retain most of the waste and prevents it from entering your pipes. Concerning your toilets, only throw toilet paper and nothing else in them.

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