sink-drainThe first drain cleaning knowledge you can have is to prevent major blockages in your drains. Clogs and blockages are the number one reason for major drain sewer line repairs and they are completely avoidable.

To start, do not put anything down the drain that your system is not designed to handle. Remember that while toilet paper actually dissolves in water over time, other types of paper do not. Napkins, sanitary products and paper towels will remain whole in the sewer or drain system and eventually clog your sewer line.

If you have a child, make sure they do not put any small objects in the drain such as toys, food, or clothing. Even when something actually flushes down the drain, there is a possibility it will get stuck between your home and the final sewer outlet.

In the kitchen, avoid putting any grease or other food waste down the drain. Only use the garbage disposal for things that it can safely break up and run the faucet at the same time as you grind the food. This will ensure that it completely breaks down whatever you place inside before it is flushed through. Grease in particular is a major problem in pipes as it coats the lining and other items can stick to it.

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