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Clean Drain – Clean Environment

Products, such as Drano, are an easy fix way to clean clogged drain. However all drain cleaning products contain human-made chemical – sodium hydroxide. It is an irritant that can aggravate throat, nose, it could also damage skin, so contact with that chemical should be avoided. And yes, there are more environment friendly ways to […]


Top 7 Tips to Conserve Water!

Everywhere you turn, things are costing more! Here are the top 7 Tips Perfection Plumbing recommends so that you can conserve water, save money on your utility bill and Help Saskatoon become a greener city! 1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. The typical person can save up to 4 gallons per minute, and a family […]


Save Water

The average Canadian household is among the biggest consumers of water in the world. We use, on average, 333 litres per person per day. That’s about twice as much as people in France or the United Kingdom! A significant percentage of that consumption comes from wasted water. By reducing or even eliminating wasting of water, […]