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Drain Fly

A drain fly is a gnat. It develops in moist areas like drains, pipes, and garbage bins. They are multiplying very fast by laying hundreds of eggs in moist places. Drain flies become more active in the evening, congregating around sinks and shower. On average their life span is one to three weeks. Do you […]


Wet Basement. Home Waterproofing

Leaking or/and wet basement is a common problem homeowners face. Wet basements create mildew, mold, and ruin walls and floors. Basement waterproofing is an easy and inexpensive process when the home is being built. On the other hand adding basement waterproofing for existing home is extremely expensive because it involves excavation and landscaping. Not always […]


Clean Drain – Clean Environment

Products, such as Drano, are an easy fix way to clean clogged drain. However all drain cleaning products contain human-made chemical – sodium hydroxide. It is an irritant that can aggravate throat, nose, it could also damage skin, so contact with that chemical should be avoided. And yes, there are more environment friendly ways to […]


Canada Plumbers. How to become a Plumber in Canada?

How to become a Plumber in Canada? Plumbers perform repairs, installation, and maintenance of piping systems in residential and commercial buildings. A plumber in Canada usually works 40 hours a week. An average wage for a Canadian plumber ranges from $50,000 to $75,000. However, it could take many years of to reach that income levels. […]


Must Have Plumbing Tools

Handy must-have-tools for plumbing repair in the house Toilet Auger/closet auger/water closet auger – A specialized plumbing tool used to clear clogs in toilets. Sink Auger/drum auger/canister auger – Great plumbing tool for breaking up and clearing clogs in sinks and tubs. Adjustable Pipe Wrench – it is designed to grip round objects (such as […]


Leaking Basement

Signs your basement could have waterproofing issues: Moldy odors and mold. Peeling paint. White stuff on Concrete Basement Walls Cracks in walls or sconcrete floors Wet basement Concrete dusting Wet areas on Walls Condensation Dry Rot Higher humidity in the basement compare to house Expert Plumbing – Toronto Plumbing articles.


Toronto Plumbing Services

Toronto Plumbing Services. Plumbing Problems are messy problems that can hit anytime. Some Plumbing Problems are easy to fix, such as the minor clogs and leaks, but the major Plumbing Problems require expert handling. In major cities like Toronto, where people are busy with their hectic life, emergency Plumbing services have become very popular. The […]


Plumbing History

Word Plumbing originated from the Latin word plumbum.  The first plumbing systems appeared in settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization by 2700 B.C. (Bronze Age civilization located primarily in the western part of the Indian Subcontinentand flourished around the Indus river). Plumbing originated during civilizations such as the Roman, Indian, Greek, Chinese, and Persian civilizations […]


Plumbing Problems

Plumbing in Canada. Did you know that almost every Canadian was faced with a plumbing problem at least once? Plumbing has improved since ancient times. Today every home has modern plumbing system. However when Plumbing System fails you need to act fast to avoid major plumbing problems. How to solve Plumbing Problems? Some Plumbing Tips […]


Plumbing Directory Canada.

Why use Plumbing Directory to promote your website? Plumbing Directory Canada. Great, you have created a website for your plumbing company. How to get visitors aka. potential client to you website? It is well known that web site promotion is vital for website success. Basically your victory comes down to two simple steps: Creating professional […]