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How Do You Unclog a Drain?

One of the things parents dread hearing your child say: “The water’s not going down the drain!” You are totally repulsed. It’s going to be wet, and slimy, and probably smell bad, and, ugh, that’s not fun. How Do You Unclog a Drain? Clogged drains are just part of the joy of indoor plumbing. The […]


How to unclog your pipes

Unclogging a pipe is often necessary when a mass of hair, hair and food debris agglomerated with often a little soap blocks the free passage of water. The evacuation of this one then becomes difficult or even impossible. Here are some tips and advice from our professional plumbers to unclog your pipes. Your bathtub, shower, […]


Drain Fly

A drain fly is a gnat. It develops in moist areas like drains, pipes, and garbage bins. They are multiplying very fast by laying hundreds of eggs in moist places. Drain flies become more active in the evening, congregating around sinks and shower. On average their life span is one to three weeks. Do you […]


Avoid blocked drains

The first drain cleaning knowledge you can have is to prevent major blockages in your drains. Clogs and blockages are the number one reason for major drain sewer line repairs and they are completely avoidable. To start, do not put anything down the drain that your system is not designed to handle. Remember that while […]


Drain clogs

Drain clogs are a pain, but sometimes unclogging them can be an even bigger pain. There are a number of ways that a drain can be unclogged, but most of them involve chemical compounds that can eat away at your pipes. And what happens when those chemical compounds make their way into your sewer system? […]