Drain clogsDrain clogs are a pain, but sometimes unclogging them can be an even bigger pain. There are a number of ways that a drain can be unclogged, but most of them involve chemical compounds that can eat away at your pipes. And what happens when those chemical compounds make their way into your sewer system? They certainly aren’t environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, since even bleach (which can clear out mildly clogged drains) can be toxic, the search for liquid-based nontoxic drain cleaners doesn’t end well. The only truly nontoxic ways to unclog a drain involve a little manual labor:

Use a Handheld Snake

These are what the professionals use to unclog drains. These hose-like devices reach into your drain to manually break apart any clogs. The downside to this is that you must partially disassemble sink somewhat in order for the snake to reach the clogged part of your pipes and drain. While a handheld snake can be rented at most home improvement stores, you might be better off having a professional handle it.


Believe it or not, a toilet plunger will work on clogged drains as well. However, you must plug overflow hole for this method to work. Otherwise the suction between the plunger your drain won’t occur, and the clog won’t budge. On a good note, this is a method that even a non-experienced homeowner can try before moving on to some of the more complicated methods or calling in a professional.

Drainjet Hydraulic Drain Flusher

These are the “power tools” of the drain-clogging world. A hydraulic drain flusher uses fast moving jets of water to clear out your drain and pipes. They will take care of even the most stubborn clogs. You can rent a hydraulic drain flusher from most home improvement stores, but might be better off having a professional come in to do the job.

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