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Emergency Plumbing Problems

Emergency plumbing problems could be leaking pipes, floods, or blocked drains. It is always a good idea trying to prevent rather then cure plumbing problems. Emergency plumbing problems could result in expensive and extensive repairs. The common plumbing emergencies: Leaking pipes Blocked or damaged water pipes Burst water pipes Blocked drains If you have emergency […]


Master Bath Remodeling

Master bath is all about luxury, no material is too luxurious for your private gate away. So where to start with the custom design for your private getaway? Visit to decorator show houses, kitchen and bath showrooms and plumbing showrooms is a great and enjoyable way to start the project and get fabulous ideas. A […]


Basement waterproofing in Toronto

The basement is a perfect spot in your house for additional finished space, but only if the basement is dry. However if your basement is wet it turns into a wasted space, or even into a source of moisture and mold. Moister can damage health of your house and family. The key source of basement […]


Save Water

The average Canadian household is among the biggest consumers of water in the world. We use, on average, 333 litres per person per day. That’s about twice as much as people in France or the United Kingdom! A significant percentage of that consumption comes from wasted water. By reducing or even eliminating wasting of water, […]


Winter Plumbing

Winter could be harsh on plumbing system and could cause extensive plumbing repairs. Preventive actions could protect your plumbing system and avoid unnecessary plumbing problems and expenses. Avoiding plumbing problems could be done with common Must Have Plumbing Tools. The most common winter plumbing problems: Kitchen Sink – The Outside Wall: To prevent this common […]


Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling  Luxury bathroom remodeling has become a growing in a trend, and it is getting stronger each day. These days an average priced home is getting the taste of luxury spa-like bathrooms projects. Bathroom remodeling along with kitchen remodeling gets the highest investment return at resale. In the hot housing markets kitchen remodel or […]


Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes are a serious risk during extremely cold weather. Frozen in the pipe water will put pressure over 500 kilograms per square inch. This pressure is enough to rip apart any pipe. Risky Locations: Outside walls Outside garden hoses and hose taps Under a sink on an outside wall In an unheated crawlspace […]


Pipes. Plumbing systems.

Plumbing systems include three basic elements: supply, drainage and venting. The supply system brings the water into building. The water system can be a municipality asset or a building asset. The demarcation point of the responsibility is at the water meter. The pipes outside the house up to the water meter are local the responsibility […]


DIY Plumbing Tips

Plumbing tips Turn off the water source to the area you’re working on. (Turn right to tighten, left to loosen.) When taking something apart, lay its parts down in the order you took them out. When purchasing replacement pieces, take the old part with you to the store. When working in the tub or sink, […]